Education Generation

Education Generation - student project


EdGen is re-imagining the role of education developing a generation with confidence, capacity and determination to shape local and global communities.

We fund scholarships for young leaders to participate in the world’s most forward-thinking education programs.  These organizations are deeply rooted in communities, emphasizing leadership development, creative thinking, entrepreneurial skills and market relevant training, while working to influence their education system as a whole.

Our central responsibility is to portray students as emerging leaders, showcasing their goals, achievements, and community aspiration to lead a new Education Generation.

Mapping EdGen

Major Players
a. Online Donors/Consumers
b. Field Partner NGO’s/ Students
c. Funding Organizations/ Operations Capital

Selfish Reasons
a. Online Donors/consumers -  Want to increase the amount of impact they have going to a great cause.  May want to share with their network how active they are in supporting such cause.  Influence friends to be users of the same charity, first to know, first to find.  Become ambassadors of the brand/cause.

[#4] People want to feel Influential.  People want recognition and to affect their status in their particular circles of friends/contacts. The system will give them a great way to boast of their selflessness/ support of a worthy cause.

b. Field Partner NGO’s/ Students-  Want to increase the amount of funding offered to organization, put more students through their system.  Increase their own access to funding/ and or authentication to gain further funding from multiple partners.  

[#4] Partners/Schools need access to money. and the network associated to more money.

c. Funding Organizations- Want to increase their exposure/affiliation with a social cause.

[#4] Funding Orgs will have access to our community of donors, affiliation with positive social community cause.  

Paying Reasons
a. Online Donors/consumers - Minimum $20, Encourage Funding drive for entire scholarship ($200-$400).  Personally responsible for funding the student once they offer to the first time.  (May get em hooked on social cause/responsibility)

[#4] Want to make an initial difference, not too small, not too large, with an organization leveraging 100% of their donation to impact in development orgs.  Immediate results funding a student to equate to influential impact on ground.

b. Field Partner/NGO’s- Not currently collecting fees from partners. 
Considered doing so if we leverage knowledge sharing across partners, or provide full service fundraising suite to partners.  Subscription? %share? Don't know what works here.

[#4]  Very little money available from this segment, directly.  Could use funding orgs (below) as funding sponsors. 

c. Funding Organizations- Charging tier system for affiliation.  $1000-$10,000.  May be $50,000+ with right exposure/transparency/ impact in place.  

[#4] Would become part of our community impact.  Get affiliation nods as we grow, opportunity to sponsor students/events/ media content on site.