Education Generation

Education Generation - student project

Developing a generation with the confidence, capacity and determination to shape local and global communities.  Together we fund scholarships for young leaders to participate in the world's most forward thinking education programs.

We began our project in 2009 focussing on community impact, developing the standards for which developing world education needs to shift.  We work along side high calibre progressive education instituitions that cater to leadership development, entrepreneurship training, market relevant training and active citizenship.  We believe innovative education in the developing world will break the cycle of poverty.  We've funded over 350 student scholarships and raised over $150,000 for our cause.  We have students in Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Ecuador, Peru, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Sri Lanka. 

See our project site at

I've used LaunchRock to test signup here:

SEO looks like a great option.  I'm aware of the tweaking our website needs in its design and wonder how I can fix it to optimize for SEO.  Currently we rank 9th when searching Education, (I think anyways, or Google is using my preferences. Give it a test if you can).  We'll be using AdWords to give us a bump here in the interim.

Explicit Invites will work for our immediate campiagn as we have a funder to back all donations made to students.  This will give our users an incentive to donate online, hope its enough to push it and encourage sharing. 

AB Testing will be utilized as well, seeing if we can key into what gets our users to click over and become a donor on our site.

Dylan Hrycyshen

Interim Operations Manager