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Nicole Huguenin

Visionary Educator & Storyteller



EducatingUS Consulting

Here is my GoMighty Life List:

As an educator for the past 13 years I'm constantly amazed at 1) how many education programs are started, curriculums are written, and technologies built to better the education system and 2) that 9 times out of 10 those programs, curriculums and technologies are no where to be found when I visit classroom after classroom across the US. 

I'm working on a way to best match those programs, curriculums, and technologies to individual public schools to maximize everyone's time, efforts, and most of all learning. In addition to that I'm dedicated to creating a company that values balance and creativity so we can all lead lives that we love. 

Ideas I'm currently working with are:

-Create a database of educational programs, curriculums, and technologies and match them to a schools vision and goals 

-Work with schools at the start of the year to create their goals and focus for the year. Utilize design thinking and an inclusive structure. Create beta-teachers for specific programs, etc.

-Consult on program, curriculum, and technology launches to help them manage the educational market focusing on decreasing strain on individual teachers and creating sustainability for the company. 


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