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Jacob Verbrugh

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 I have chosen to use Edmonton as my city name. It was a toss between Kelowna, BC where I was born and Edmonton, AB where I live now.

If you're not familiar with Edmonton & the province of Alberta basically its considered Texas of the north, these similiarities shared between two major cities Edmonton (Alberta's Capital) & Calgary


I've chosen to use the Canadian Pacific Railway posters of the past to inspire my lettering. Much like all major Canadian cities, Edmonton was big on the construction and use of Canadian Pacific Railway throughout history. (you can see the photos I'll be using as general inspiration below) The GREAT LAKES poster is to basically show the Canadian Pacfic font that was used back then, which I enjoy a lot!



Being the industrial city that Edmonton is, I really feel the whole coal train/railway vibe lends well to the general history of the city. Edmonton is a rugged all season workhorse. Its a mess at times, shiny & clean other times.

Thumbnail Sketches:

So I began scribbling some letter ideas, mostly playing around with the letter E. I scribbled a star beside the one that I decided to use in my final lettering submission ( top left )

Of course the stroke of that E will be much thicker to acheive the look I'm going for.


Rough Sketches:

I havent had a lot of free time since I last uploaded to this Project Workspace, so keep in mind all my ideas below are very rough versions. Nonetheless enjoy and please critique as you like! =D


If I used this one, I would change the size of the word Alberta, as its not ideal, will play the role of a subtitle. & I would replace the Edmonton font choice with one of the two below. 



This one is inspired by the Macdonalds Consolidated lettering on the side of a buildng that you can see in moodboard above.



The thicker script on the bottom is directly influenced by the 1930s Canadian Pacific logo, again these are super rough sketches. I'm still trying to better fit the letter "d" with other letters. Also the capital "E" will not be this form I have a more relative style to use.


last and least in looks so far, The rounded script (probably wont be using this one)

I didnt bother cleaning it up as I didnt feel I would be choosing ot use it in the next steps.


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