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Edits and the like.

So I've been taking pictures for about 8 years or so. Mostly off and on as a hobby. I never really took the time to learn how to really edit a photograph. I mean I know how to use photoshop for graphic design and light photo editinb but really want to pusht hat skill forward. 

That being said. Here is my first try. 

Here is the original. Taken from Roosevelt Island, NY. 

I wanted to capture how magical it looked that night. The way the fog played with the lights and the reflection of the water. Will update after learning more techniques for editing photos. 

Now for the portrait. My lovely model is...

My grandma. Took this 4 years ago when I went to Puerto Rico. As for the edit. 

Played a lot with the levels and the color balance. Felt like as I upped the exposure, her skin started to get red so tried pulling the red back. 

That's it for now. Going to watch the other videos tomorrow. Can't wait for the dodging/burning. 


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