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Editorial illustration


Base on original sketch no.4, I removed the hand and inserted a new element: a mouth with a police cap. The mouth has a forked tongue too: when police lie under oath, they speak with forked tongue.

The convict is still against the wall. No way of escape: if police lie he has to give up.

The first sketch is the basic one, the other ones all add some small changes in graphics: basically the word "guilty" used in different ways, coming out of the mouth or making a kind of jail bars around the convict.

No colors yet, but basically I would like to use colors only for convict (orange) and mouth (black/dark blue for cap and pink for mouth): everything else in grey.


I start with only notes and basic concepts and ideas.
While reading the article I wrote some notes, then narrowed them.
Only concepts and basic ideas for sketches, but I didn't draw anything, I want to keep the concept step separate from the drawing step.


A) blue/dark/black (police) vs orange. Blue & dark are quiet colors, while orange a dynamic one. Police is relaxed, they know they will be right anyway, while people arrested are a little bit nervous because it's not so easy for them to convince somebody they are telling the truth. So perhaps blue vs orange is a good "color key" for the illustration

B) "...not to help anybody, ... get these numbers ans come back with them". When I read these phrase, I think about randomness. There's not always a good reason if you are arrested. So what more random than a slot-machine? Perhaps with dollars (cash rewards), police caps and something else. To be further developed. (Drawing n.1)

C) liberty is sometimes a the mercy of police: they can arrest some people if they want and they can't do quite anything to avoid it... Then I thought: which is the most prominent symbol of freedom in USA? The Statue of Liberty. So imagine the Statue of Liberty without the flame... Liberty enlightening the world. Not so much liberty and not so much enlightening anything... Perhaps the statue could have a dark police capDark cap vs extinguishing orange flame. (Drawing n.2)

D) police vs arrested people: police always win. This is more a visual idea, not concept... Think about arm whrestilng where the police man is a very big and strong man while the arrested man is a little one. In the background a judge, saying nothing. A black/blue dress for the police man and an orange one for the arrested man. (Drawing n.3)

E) last conpcet: a small "orange managainst a great wall. In front and over him a great hand trying to capture him. A light is focused on the "orange man". The fingers create some shadows and the man looks like is behind bars. (Drawing n.4)

And these are my first sketches/drawings.


Changes after last feedbacks (Mar 13th):

I would like to go with idea n.4
I think I could put away the hand that is casting shadows (jail bars) on the convict and I could use a police cap.
The police cap is over the convict and create a kind of oppression on him. The convict is against the wall and he can't do anything: no chance to escape. Under the police cap there are some words: false word, lies, that create a kind of jail around the convict.

Feedbacks/opinions really welcome :)


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