Kyllea Kerg

Motion Graphics Designer



Editorial Illustration

Here's some of what I've been thinking about for this project- first the key quotes and then some ideas about themes/concepts for the illustration, just working out some ways to possibly get the idea across.

    Police officers are rewarded, sometimes even pressured, to make false arrests and provide false testimony and do so with impunity at the expense of the most vulnerable in our society.

Key Quotes:

"…the alleged criminal in an orange jumpsuit or two well-groomed police officers in uniforms…"

"...rewarded in recent years for the sheer numbers of stops, searches and arrests."


1. Contrast
    -Color: show the arrested figure in an orange jumpsuit compared to the cop in blue;     complimentary colors
    -Verdicts: labels of 'guilty' and 'innocent'
    -Size: Cop physically larger than Convict, dominant, looming; Convict is dwarfed, looks     powerless; Cop may be physically leaning on or pushing Convict
    -Attitude: Cop is confident, casual, upbeat, boastful; Convict is nervous, tense, worried
    -Numbers: 'blue wall'/many Cops versus single Convict

2. Irony
    -Show Cop and Convict both shouting into judges' ear, 'Guilty!', each pointing at the other
    -Cop and Convict standing side-by-side, each holding a sign. Cop's sign reads, 'Guilty', is     overlapping the Convict's 'Innocent' sign so that it's almost entirely blocked.

3. Popularity Contest/Versus
    -Gameshow with Cop and Convict competing against one another, Judge is the host and the     jurists are the live audience
    -Cop has all the spot lights, bells and whistles of a 'Price is Right'-style game show, Convict is     marginalized in the shadow

5. Framing
    -Whistling Cop tosses a baggie over his shoulder into the back pocket of a Convict

6. Cheating at a Game/Stacked Odds
    -Cop is holding a Poker hand with legal terms/pictures on them. Extra card is sticking out of his     jacket sleeve.
    -Cop and Convict are playing cards. Cop is peeking at the Convict's hand. Cop has huge pile of     chips and Convict only has a few
    -Rolling dice with 'Guilty' written on most of the sides
    -Cop is running a carnival game that can't be won
    -Convicts are offered a handful of straws to choose from (referencing 'drawing straws') but     almost all of them have 'Guilty' written on the bottom

7. Justice as Snake Oil
    -Cop as charlatan, selling a bill of goods, used-car-salesman figure
    -Lots of flashy signs advertising conviction free-of-crime, treats justice like a cheap scam

8. Reward
    -Cop accepting lifetime achievement away in front of audience of cons
    -Wall of Most Valuable Employee photos with arrest statistics, Convict looking up at them
    -Floating balloons with words like 'Stops', 'Arrests', and 'Searches' written on them with money     tied to the strings


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