Editorial Illustration

Why Police Lie Under Oath

Keywords : "the whole truth and nothing but the truth", lies, trustworthy, trust, law enforcement, court, jury, perjury, justice system, versus, distort the facts, quotas, exposing, code of silence, justice system, "our primary job is to get those numbers"

Summary : Most law enforcement will lie under oath for various reasons such as incentivies, proof of productivity and just plain human instincts.

Concepts: See below

  1. Portrait of of a police office "shhhing" and framed by the police department badge.
  2. Police office with mouth tapedstanding before a jury and thinking about money.
  3. Silhouette of police office where the face is made up of keywords from the article.
  4. Unhappy scale showing that police in most cases, win over minorites in the justice system.


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