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Alright I'm going to start posting my messy process of reading, digesting, rambling, and concepting! This is super in-progress and will be updated often; I'm just pretty much using this as a place to jot stuff down.

I read the article a few times, took notes, and tried to sum it up in 25 words:

  • Police officers commonly lie under oath because of cash-reward incentives, a need to prove their productivity, and human instincts. Jurors can't trust them over other witnesses.

Key themes: lying, trust, police officers, jurors, criminal defendants, money, numbers, pride/self worth, human instincts, morality, dirty secrets, 

Starting to gather ideas:

  • A line of jurors waiting to do a trust fall; one juror is mid trust fall while the catching police officer is counting some cash
  • Justice holding the scale; it heavily leans to one side holding a stack of cash while the other side has a person groveling on his/her knees
  • A checkboard of black & white checkers; all but one of the black checkers have been removed and are stacked on the side of the board while remaining white checkers are closing in
  • A police officer with his back to us; we see one hand up pledging oath while the other hand is behind the back with fingers crossed
  • A police officer with an extremely long nose smiles and counts money
  • Something involving the card game "War," in that the person with the most cards wins.
  • Defendants chained together, resembling a roll of carnival tickets to be cashed in

Starting to create mind maps / word lists / etc.

A line of jurors walk to the edge of a column to do a trust-fall; the police officer, who is supposed to catch them, is off to the side counting some money.

A checkerboard with all but one black checker captured and stacked to the side. (Ignore the fact that this checkerboard doesn't actually make sense—I did this quickly in marker).

A broken scale which, always always, weighs in favor of one side.

A scale with a large amount of money supporting one side, implying that scale will never weigh against it.

Officer giving oath with fingers crossed on the bible.

I know most of these are very literal. I'm trying to get them out there so I can start focusing on more unexpected visuals.


Okay I've got some chicken scratch to post. I've been super busy this weekend, so I'll be posting more super soon. I I was thinking about how the checker board idea might read a little better if it was chess. This would allow me to make figurines as opposed to just checker pieces. 

The original idea was to show a board with a single piece facing an entire enemy team. I'm now considering the idea of having two full "teams," but making it appear that the game is rigged by having one entire side be pawns (average juror/defendant) and the other side be entirely kings (cops).

Not sure if this reads better, but I am trying to communicate the analogy of a fixed game.


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