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Editorial Design: Layout A Magazine Spread To Make Your Content Captivate

Editorial Design: This is where content (blah) meets strategy (captivating).

Whether you're interested in designing for magazines, would like to jazz up your company's annual report or just want to place your pet's photoshoot and story in a glamorous magazines spread - you're going complete this class armed with enough knowledge to make any infomration or story into eye-catching publications that will not only allow your subject to appear stunning, but also convey your desired message even before your audience reads the headline. 

to succeed in this class you do not need any prior design experience. All you will need is access to Adobe InDesign or another desktop publishing program. However, this course will serve as a great introduction to InDesign, a program used by industry leaders. 

For your project you will make a magazine spread using your pet as the subject and cupcake ipsum for the text or you may use the files I've supplied or simply use a topic of your choice!


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