Carolyn Wiedeman

Artist, Illustrator



Editing the Four Seasons

I am editing this photo of the Catskills while on a hiking trip near New Paltz, NY. I love photographing and working with landscape photos, because nature and weather is ever-changing. This project is a great opportunity to use editing apps to capture that beautiful quality, and to create a completely different feeling in each photo. I am going to adapt this summer photo into a photo representing all seasons, Fall, Winter, and Spring.

For my first edit, I wanted to capture the fall. This photo was taken in the peak of summer, but as autumn comes around I am craving that beautiful Northeastern color. Through Snapseed’s Selective Adjust I pulled back some elements of the sky, and brought out specific areas of color in the trees and bushes to show the change in season. I used VSCO Cam’s filter to give it that overall warmer, darker vibe I feel in autumn.

My second edit was for capturing the winter. Since leaves are fallen in the winter, I wanted to make sure the trees in the image looked like evergreens with a dark, pine color. I added some hazy grain to capture the crisp air, and darkened the sky with selective adjust. Brought back saturation a lot on the blues and greens of the lush landscape.

For my final edit, I wanted to mimic the signs of early early summer, still transitioning out of spring. I used Selective Adjust in the same way, but pulled out more blues and purples to create that moist haze that spring brings. Also, I wanted a more artistic feel with the edit.


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