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Edited by BPJones

Stage 1 - Starting 'Edited by BP Jones'

  • I'm only at the beginning stages of my SEO project, but I'm creating a functional site to advertise editing and content management. The Weebly interface seems very user-friendly and I'm really looking forward to seeing the SEO in action with Google Analytics on my new site.
  • http://editedbybpjones.weebly.com/


  • What is my service about?
  • Editing blogs, research papers, online content, etc.
  • Following up editing with resources & data
  • Who are the people looking for my service?
  • Bloggers, ecommerce owners, schools, brick & mortar businesses, journalists

  • What keywords to they type in search of that service?
  • 3 Keywords: Web Content Editing, Copy Editing, Essay Proofreading

How much do those keywords get searched? How many websites are competing to rank? How targeted are the keywords, will they convert?


On an unrelated note, here's the home page of my site, which I'm planning on using for business purposes as this project unfolds.

I'd love any feedback on looks. There isn't much in the way of content at the moment, as I have 2 full time jobs on top of this.

June 19
My site is still in the very beginning stages, but I have seen some traffic after I analyzed my SEO. There were actually 4 hits through social, so that's great.


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