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Edinburgh -


I went back and created a pinterest board specifically for this project.


Shapes that I liked from the blogs... themes and obsevations. 

After I did the first Shapes sketch, I picked my City (Edinburgh) and then I looked up what I thought were the most important buildings and monuments.  So I sketched some of those in their regular styles. 

I found that I liked the Walter Scott Monument because of its height and its spires.  In my first shape exploration I found that I kept wanting to draw the little lines and antennae on things.  So my first thought was that the Walter Scott Monument would be a great thing to have little Jetson-like Antennae all over it. 

Then I moved on to the Castle, which is visible from almost all of Edinburgh, but I couldn't really think how I would make that retro.  At that point my brain was warring the concept of a VERY historic city with a Retro Furture style.  

I found a picture from the West Gardens (under the castle) that had an iron fence running across the bottom of it.  I immediately liked the fence because of the vertical black lines and circles.  I also liked a little black lantern that I found on the front of a Pub, and the diamond shaped window pane behind it.  All of these things seemed to have the right shapes to me. 

I still plan on looking up the Forth bridge... that seems like fun with it's odd shape and design. 


So then I Did some thumbnail sketches and I also came up with a double decker rocket bus... 

I'm not going to lie to you... I love the rocket bus. 

Though I find the first Thumbnail to be too cluttered, I really like the one of the monuement all by itself.   Next I will do a sketch of the Forth Road bridge, just to try out that style, and I will try and work up another thumbnail with a better composition somehow... not entirely sure what yet. 


Forth road bridge... Much like the one with the Walter Scott Monument, I think I like it more by itself... but does either monolith say 'Edinburgh' enough that I would be able to use it by itself?  

I will think more on this... 

And I think I will do some actual color sketches next to try and really jump into that style that I'm looking for, instead of just copying what I'm looking at in the edinburgh pictures. 


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