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Danielle Massam

Illustration student



Edgar the Rollerskating Monster

Hello everyone!

I'm Danielle, and I'm a first year illustration degree student. I'm very much interested in character design and this class is something I've been wanting to enroll in for weeks, but with us recently getting a brief regarding 'imaginary beings' I thought now would be a good time to start!

I thought I should start with something that's related to my uni work (keep my tutor happy haha) before I get started on my pirate figure :) 

So this little creature came up when we had to team up with a classmate and play consequence (where someone draws the head, folds the paper, another person draws the body, folds it and passes it back so the feet can get drawn, and then you open it up). We were meant to be playing it in a mature manner and exploring mark makings like our brief stated, but after a while me and my friend decided to just create super fast sketches which turned out a lot more fun!

I am yet to choose a name for him!

From this I scanned in the image and drew it in photoshop, adding a few tweaks, one being the addition of rollerskates. 

Sketching over him allowed me to get the proportions of his body better since when playing consequence you have no idea what size the other person is drawing so he was a bit all over the place at first. I'll probably still change a few more shapes when I take him into illustrator but for now I think he gives me a good inital idea. 


I'm not 100% sure on the colours I've chosen here but it gives me a rough idea of what I want him to look like at least, now back to photoshop!


As you can see I've added in some more of his details and began to add highlights/shadows where needed. I'm already starting to love where he's heading!

Still more rendering to do, but I'm slowly getting there! I'm also not sure on what to do with his rollerskates yet, so I'm leaving them until the end :) 

I think I'm done now with the shadows/highlights, so I'm now going to begin adding textures and playing around with the difference colour balances. I'm excited to see how he ends up :D 

Colour Balance & Texture:

I played around with the hue & saturation for this bit, and I really liked the orange that was created on his body, this then also added a little tint of orange to the skates too which I think adds a nice dusty feel to them as opposed to them being crisp white. 

I then added some water colour brushes over him, primarily the body, to add a bit more character to him, especially since I think this is the part that I imagine the most texture to be. 

Final character:

And there he is!

I still didn't know what to call him, so I asked my younger brother and he suggested Edgar, so everyone meet Edgar! 

When playing conseuqence we made a bunch of crazy characters so I think Edgar could possibly gain some friends now I've seen how he's turned out! 

Thanks Matt for sharing your tricks! I've learnt so much and I will definitely be using it in my work from now on. 

All feedback welcome :D


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