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Edgar on a Hoverboard

So I ended up taking a completely different direction than my pencil sketch. The original pencil sketch was more cartoony: https://www.skillshare.com/classes/design/Building-Character-1-Design-and-Sketch-Your-Character/1244630685/projects/59552

I ended up using a variety of brush pens and brushes and experimenting more with shapes rather than linework. So the drawing ended up with a lot less linework than I had planned. As a result, in Photoshop, I had to turn the shapes into various shades of gray to make it readable when I assembled the various parts (otherwise everything would be a bunch of black blobs). Sorry... this probably broke the rules of the project since I was supposed to only ink it (and not color it). It was a good exercise for me though and I enjoyed the process.

Here are some of the parts before scanning:


Here's my black and white drawing all inked up with all the pieces put together in Photoshop (with some tinkering of blend modes and opacities): 



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