Ed Perez Mandala

Ed Perez Mandala - student project

First of all, Thanks Chris Parks for your time and knowledge shared, I have been following your artwork since 2011 and I am still very fascinated. I hope you make more classes with more of your unique style. 

This Is my first attempt, after a couple hours of practicing, and  I finally did something that look descent and that i am happy with. 

Ed Perez Mandala - image 1 - student project

I started at the center very geometric, as I was building it, I did the outer circle a little bit more organic, I found it to be an interesting contrast.

The shading helped a lot to bring the piece together. I usally I am scared to shade but by watching your way to do it, I got inspired and  It turned out to be very fun. I am very exited to get into the next portion. any feedback is welcome :)

------------------------------------------------LINE WORK------------------------------------------------

I was having a little bit of difficulties with my wacom when inking, my line did not look as sharp as yours, maybe just more practice ha ha, but in order to move on I decided to do it in illustrator to then come back to photoshop and clean it with the tablet and rotated the way you show.

Ed Perez Mandala - image 2 - student project

LEFT. my initial linework in photoshop. Maybe I need to practice a little bit more to get bad ass lines, but so far I am comfortable sketching.

RIGHT. I just brought the lines and shapes i did in illustrator then It was so much easier to do the cleaning in photoshop with the wacom and continue from there. 

Here is some progress with my design

Ed Perez Mandala - image 3 - student project


Ed Perez Mandala - image 4 - student project


Ed Perez Mandala - image 5 - student project

----------------------------------------------------VERSION 2---------------------------------------------

Ed Perez Mandala - image 6 - student project