Economic growth

Economic growth - student project

Hi Ed, I really enjoyed your class! I appreciate you sharing your process with us, and your thoughts on your own style. I would love to get into editorial illustration and will really appreciate any feedback you might have on this final illustration I'm sharing for the U.S. economic growth article.

My own main criticism of the work is I think it would be better if there were some obvious symbolism for the US itself—at the bare minimum, via color choice. I tried making the numbers blue and red but it looked kind of visually cluttered to me. I'd love any suggestions for this aspect in particular.

I'm also sharing my initial sketches. I know they are really really rough, and am assuming not really something that would be shared with an art director. I'm curious just how rough sketches can be for that purpose, or rather, just how detailed they need to be.

Thanks again! 

Sarah :-)


 Economic growth - image 1 - student project