École du Bayon Website

École du Bayon Website  - student project

My project will be a prototype of the 2013 redesign of the École du Bayon's Website.

Check the current website here: http://ecoledubayon.org/

Check the Prototype I am building here: http://proto.ecoledubayon.org/index.html

14/03/2013 - 2.1 Code Challenge: Adding Semantic Formatting and Media

I have decided to go for a single page website, so right now everything is in the index.html For the moment I have linked the different sections of the page to the links on the menu above with the ID attribute, I am not sure if this is the right way to do it.

I have uploaded videos in mp4 and webm formats, since when converting my video to ogv the quality gets really bad.

For the moment I have also removed the <hgroup> tag, since when validating there was a problem with including a in hgroup

Nora González
UX - interaction designer