Eco-designer tools

Eco-designer tools - student project

I chose to illustrate my furniture designer job, especially the aspect eco-designer. We founded a little company to create new furnitures based on old wood, called "Holy-wood". We have to clean the wood from nails, scratches, ... and I sometimes draw sketches in the carpentry workplace, full of wood dust and so... We do not often see mouse, she is there to illustrate the computer work, and still fit well with the old wood and furnitures we work with! :)


I tried different dynamic, and finally chose the most "straight" one, it seems to me being better for a postcard...

Eco-designer tools - image 1 - student project


Eco-designer tools - image 2 - student project

The "ink" step was really fun. I realise that for next time I should still work closer of the original sketch, because some material was too short and didn't fit well to the object (the plank for instance).

Eco-designer tools - image 3 - student project

Finally I really spent hours to combine everything, trying many ways to add the ink material. I'm still a bit disappointed with the mouse which seems too "flat" for me, but anyway very happy with the final result.


Eco-designer tools - image 4 - student project


It was a really great and fun class, and I think I will use this postcard to illustrate trainings about eco-design.

Thank so much for all you share with us! :D


ps: if someone is walking around here, I have a technical question. I'm not really used with textures in Photoshop and saw lovely ones in some other works, especially this noise/points effect on some areas of objects. How do you obtain this? Thank for yours answers... :)