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Eco Shic Creative Design

1.  Needs in this space seem to be for comfortable seating and for places to rest items which is resolved with the couches and chairs, as well as the coffee table and smaller tables.  Chairs are arranged for audience to view maximum amount of natural light entering through the windows.

2.  Shape - The design of the couch, coffee table, and rear chairs is fairly angular, but this is balanced out by the frontal chair ad small circular table, as well as he curvy lamps in the back and the natural looking small candle holders or small trays near the window.

3. Color - Not a lot of color variety in this space - it is mostly a muted pallette, so the small hints of orange really pop out.

4. Pattern - The pattern of the back wall as well as the carpet stan out against the solid furniture.

5. Texture -  The front table, back wall, flowers on the coffee table, and small candle holders near the window all add a nice variety of texture.

6. Placement - This room feels nicely spaced out without too much space.  The lamps and statue on the rear table create especially nice example of balanced placement.

7. Bling - The bling here seems to be perhaps the sculpture on the back table, and the two 'candle holders' that resemble tree branches near the window.

8. Botanicals - The tree in the back as well as the flowers on the table, as well as the implied plant structure in the small tables near the window are great uses of botanicals.


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