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Eco Birds: A game with Environmental Message

Eco Birds is a simple game that was developed by my mobile game development studio Dora's Lab.

The gameplay is based on a popular game Flappy Bird which is not it's strongest and most uniqe part but our aim was to communicate an evironmental message to young ones.

We see that the conventional way of communicating to the kids in passive forms that we all need to care about our surrounding is not as effective. We have to find the channels that kids enjoy consuming and inject the educational dozes in this fun and active channels. Definitely one of them is gaming. So we decided to create a game with environmental message. A really simple and addictive one for all kinds of kids to enjoy. 

We took the gameplay of one of the most popular games and tried to add something unique from ourselves. We also tried to make the art as appealing as possible to make the game relaxing and not stressful at the same time.

The game is about the birds dropping eggs on cut down trees and replanting them. It also has the part where the birds drop egss on villains to stop them from destroying the eco system. It also has a daily prize  mini game with recycling challange.

One of the most often feedbacks that we get is: “We love that our kids play game that shows them how to be better… and not only run and shoot someone”

It has been on top charts of App Store and we had been featured on a couble of great gaming platforms. 

However, in order for any commercial product to exist this one needs to generate revenue. Unfortunately the game is underperforming in this part due to a huge competition in gaming space and also because of the marketing efforts that are not relevant because of the insights we do not have on US market because we live overseas. 

So now the big question is: Are we lacking the knowledge of marketing or do we have a wrong product?






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