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A while ago I decided to stop looking at my shoes when walking.. and start looking and exploring everything that surrounds me.. because even in the least appealing places you can find something beautiful..

My purpose is not to take photos of beautiful things.. I beieve that everything has its own charm and I try to capture it..

Without further ado, I'm sharing some of my snaps


Id: junkhead_ale


1. The black sea during winter; numb, cold yet alive in its stillness 

2. I simply love these wonderland colors.. I feel truly blessed

3. I find this photo to be just like life.. we all are young and beatiful at one point.. but then cracks happen to appear every once in a while

4. Rainbows do happen in the least expected situations

5. Details

6. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

7. Dear mountains, please slwallow me up


8. Life is good to us when we embrace every experience which is paving our existance

9. Music is so much more than music for me. I would like to thank all the wonderful artists who still influence my life 


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