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Eclectic Taste

Who would play me/ Who I like to be, aspire to be ? 

  • Abigail ONeill: I aspire to be like her! with her healthy raw vegan chocolate desserts and looking amazingly gorgeous and having a business in food. 
  • Mirander Kerr: healthy, good, peaceful loving spirit, organic living, gorgeous inside out (Currently reading her book on how to treasure yourself)
  • A domestic goddess who can cook and bake super well
  • Kimberly Synder (her amazing healthy lifestyle and the recipes she gives out on adding healthier, organic options in terms of food)
  • Someone creative, good in putting ideas into design
  • Youtube sensations and talents such as Jayesslee, Kina Grannis in terms of singing
  • Someone good at food photography
  • Accomplished in the field of marketing

List of things I feel passionate about 

Brand Marketing and consultancy (what I do for my business degree at University), Strategic marketing, ideation, food, baking and cooking, singing, food photography, tennis. (So many I feel like I wanna accomplish and do so many things all the time: but I don't want to be a jack of all trades, but a master of none! )

My own value propsition and brand positioning

I have diverse interests and and a creative aspect to me.. I love looking at new ideas all the time. Coming from a business degree background and majoring in Marketing and Finance, I bring with me both a creative way of communicating and driving ideas as well as bringing an analytical, strategic way of thinking to the table. Some people have told me that I have good persuasive skills in communicating my ideas across to convince others to buy into it (which basically is what Marketing is about :) ) 


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