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Elizabeth Martinez

“I would always rather be happy than dignified.”



Eclectic Cohesion ??

I like this class because I like the idea of creating/finding community through something like Instagram. I learned that I need to work on interraction!!

I related to the ideas of "being yourself" and not worrying about numbers. Recently I haven't been feeling entirely "like myself" on Instagram, because I've been trying out different formats and editing styles, etc. I have a pretty strong point of view, but it is also eclectic...I don't think being eclectic is a problem, but cohesion is sometimes a challenge. I also tend to use Instagram as a living piece of art - almost performance - as I often play around with concept, breaking typical formats (with collages, etc.), and interesting captions.

I've considered the idea of having two accounts - a personal one and one that is more art/performance based - but have yet to feel like that is the best option for me. Can someone speak to this? I'd love feedback on that specifically.

Here is an example of a series of photos that I might post.





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