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Hi!! So happy to be surrounded by all these creative spirits. I love all things upcycled, recycled, opshopped, boho.... I like change and having fun with a space.

My website is where I blog and have a little shop selling and supporting products with a purpose. This is also website is having a little work and I am in planning and production mode. This is why there's a long gap between blogs. I would love to have you visit, I'm over on instagram heaps @kindredspirits and I run #junkgypsyfriday where I share your DIY's, upcycled, repurposed projects. It's very inspiring and heaps of fun!

"STAY IN TOUCH! I have just set this group up over in Q&A-leave your details & stay connected"


I wanted something that reflected my style, I love colour and texture!

NEEDS- are covered witht the pink side table offering little compartments

SHAPE- takes over with the bedhead and loveheart pillow case

COLOUR- takes the eye from the setting to the side tables and stays with the same pallette af pink and yellow

PATTERN-I think the patterns in the bedhead, pillow case and the square and round side tables are all pulled together with the colours. It's finished with thought.

TEXTURES- cane bedhead, shiny side table, and the shiny light hanging above. Soft, white linen, white walls are the overarching colours and compliment that texture.

PLACEMENT- of the furniture has worked well with the heights and colours. Groupings are kept small and soft.

BLING- the bling comes in the form of the light hanging above.

BOTANICALS-these excite a space and I love to go overboard with these. In this space they are non intrusive and display a soft, gentle feel tot he room, ready for slepp and relaxation.


We have recently moved state and living in a rental. We have not unpacked everything as we are house hunting so I am being as creative as I can.  Luckily I like a challenge!!







I have painted this sofa green, now white and it has blue cushions which just dont work for me. This is why I always have the white throw over the entire couch. I aim to cover the cushions, one day.







 I really love this piece. I like to work with the recycled element and add objects I have hunted and gathered. My style has an eclectic, boho, vintage feel.



This is a corner bookshelf, an interesting piece to work with. Our rental floors and wall colours dont lend themselves to my style BUT I'm working with it.!






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