Eating clean and training mean

Eating clean has been easy when I have the time. Problems arise when I am rushed, don't have time to meal plan, don't pack lunch, leave without eating breakfast...

So many goals revolve around eating clean

1. Eat every morning before leaving the house. Must be a protein-heavy breakfast

2. Pack lunch and snacks the night before. There should be enough or 2 snacks and lunch, paying attention to balancing my macros

3. Prep lots of healthy snacks - fruits, nuts, veg in baggies, yogurts, hardboiled eggs.

My next set of goals revolve around working out. I have been working out quite regularly for the last month, but I need to continue to make it a lifelong habit

4. Exercise 5 times/week, at high intensity

5. Increase endurance

6. Continue to up my weights while maintaining good form.

I want to have the best body I can, for life.


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