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Eating Your Portfolio: A Hybrid Culinary/Photography Class

Update: Hi Everyone, thanks so much for your interest and feedback! I got the flu just as I started working on this class so while everything had seemed to come to a hault in the production of it I will still be launching on time for 2/15. A little more DIY filming wise since I no longer can find help but I'll see if refilming it to get a more professional feel will be an option later on - I hate to lose the integrity of the moment though so we'll see. Thank you all for your support and I'm sorry you couldn't witness the process and milestones but it will all be finished for you to enjoy and participate in soon!

This class is for anyone who loves to eat, so it's definitely for you! Together we'll go through some simple steps to experiment with flavor profiles, create visually striking presentations, and most importantly prepare delicious food that you can enjoy in more ways than one.


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