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Eating Disorder Poster Illustration Design.

I had my sketch for my Eating Disorder Poster design project. One of the drawings was picked to be finished up with Roman's mix media technique. 

- Since I do not have a lightbox, I used a tracing paper to copy the drawing. 


- As Roman did, I also seperate the drawing into several spaces and made some more ink effect to shade on the points that I want to emphasise.


- Because of the "lightboxless", I found it difficult to actually copy the drawing on the proper papaer than a tracing paper to colour, so I just did all the colouring on the actual drawing all together rather than segmenting colouring process for each number. 



- And then I change the colour and how it is presented in the each picture and layered them to merge into. 



And those are the result of the illustration. I really enjoyed playing around the medium but especially I found it so amusing to work on computer which I am very friendly with in general. I want to experiment more! 

Also I think I can make more pictures with extra little drawings for this as well! Thanks, Roman! 


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