Eating Better

Day One - Using Noom, I am recording my meals and analyzing the caloric density. This tool is helping me to discover weaknesses in my diet and make corrections. I have several food allergies, including dairy, corn, gluten, and sunflower seeds, so diet is challenging for me.

1/14/13-I'm not eating enough veggies, so I've been trying to explore new ways to prepare them so that they appeal to me more. I'm also trying to find new veggie snacks and healthy alternatives to the higher fat nuts I've been falling back on in mid afternoon.

1.16.13- I have experimented with making veggie dips using tofu and some favorite flavors.

I will refine the recipes and post my favorite with a picture. I'm trying to make these quick and easy for those of us with busy lives.

1.23.13- I have concocted a healthy dip that I LOVE, and will be taking this to work with me for mid afternoon snack. recipe:

1/3 C silken tofu

1/2 t each of Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime, Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb, and Granulated garlic with parsley.

Toss all ingredients into a bowl and mix. Enjoy with raw veggies.

Approximate Nutritional Info:

cal 46 / 84g = 1/3 C
fat cal 20
fat 2g 3%
carb 1%
Protein 4g
calcium 3%
Iron 4%

1-24-13 - I have discovered that certain veggies that I don't really like can be hidden in a raw chopped veggie mix that I do like. This is my new lunch creation...approx 1C leafy greens, 1C chopped veggies (including one healthy on that I really don't like, Zuchini in this dish. 4 oz tuna dressed with 1T omega 3 mayo from flax, and a light balsamic vinaegrette under the greens. I also tossed in a few dried cranberries for a sweet and sour pop. Posted a pic on the chat feed.


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