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EatDrinkJobs Job Seeker Growth

EatDrinkJobs Part 1: The Idea

1. Julie was working at the New York State Restaurant Associaton for many years.

2. Julie wanted to create a job board for the Assoication.

3. Julie got the same feedback over and over again.  The restaurants didn't want another job board, they wanted a way to get QUALIFIED candidates.

4. Julie started researching and found that almost all the job postings were on the dreaded CRAIGSLIST.  Producing a large volume of candidates, but a small volume of qualified candidates.  Julie ditched the Restaurant Association and decided to create a professional job site for the restaurant and bar community.

EatDrinkJobs Part 2: The Lean Startup and Iteration #1

1. Julie partners with her friend, Jason, who has a complimentary skill set to Julie's Sales/Marketing background.  Jason is a Project Manager type and tech oriented.

2. Julie and Jason round out the team with bringing on Startup Giraffe who builds the website.

3. Iteration #1: Create a beautiful website with job seeker profiles and employer dashboard and require all applicants to HAVE A LEAST ONE RECOMMENDATION.  

4. About six months in, after interviewing employers, J & J realized that they were attracted a more motivated candidate and not necessarily a better candidate.  Plus, the mandatory recommendation was limiting the amount of applications.

EatDrinkJobs Part 3: Iteration #2

1. Once we removed the recommendation, volume of candidates went up significantly.  

2. We also added a subsciption model of unlimited montly job postings which makes EatDrinkJobs very competitve against Craigslist and increased revenue.  Employers pay to post jobs.  

Challenges and Assumptions:

1. Assumpiton: if we get more job seekers applying to jobs, the employers will come.

2. Assumption: Employers will want to use a far better product that is oriented toward their industry over Craigslist.

3. Challange: Critical Line Cook shortage in New York City.  All chef positions are a challenge.

4. Assumption: Testing a referral fee for job seekers currently.  We are guessing that this will create more interest among job seekers and spur viral growth.



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