Dale-Kurt Murray

DevOps Engineer



Eat. Live. Burp.

What is Burp? Burp recommends what to eat, not just where. Find whatever you’re craving, see what’s good and discover the best eateries, restaurants and cocktail spots around you, wherever you go. So we don’t write reviews, just recommendations, you get exclusively the best of your city’s food, drinks to enjoy with friends.

MVP http://eatliveburp.heroku.com

Progress Update - March 15, 2013

I've added a Google Map view to the 'Venues' index view with pins for each of the locations displayed. Using the box design layout using JQuery Masonry from class, all the venues are displayed, I've added a few touches to the box.

Progress Update - March 17, 2013

After attempting to create a polymorphic association for uploading multiple images for both 'Items' and 'Venues', I asked for some help in the discussion for displaying the images for the index and show view. I got some help from Clayton Stone.


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