Eat better and do strength training in order to beat 2012's marathon time in 2013.

In June of 2013 I ran my second marathon. It was not pretty. At the time I was suffering from uterine fibroids which meant I had to stop at the porta-potty every few miles. Even so I ran a decent race until mile 20. I was exhausted and my knee, which had not given me any trouble before that day,  hurt so bad I had to walk the last four miles of the race.

I couldn't understand what went wrong, I had followed my marathon training plan religiously. So I did some research. I needed to add strengh training. I created a plan and began working on it.

Fast forward to August. I had my fibroids embolized, knocking me out of running for a month. Then I got a new job and took another college class in addition to the normal day to day routine.

The weather turned cold and the holidays came and went, leaving me 15lbs heavier and out of shape. I also feel like I have a sugar addiction.

Something had to be done. I tried for a couple of weeks to do this on my own. For some reason I am lacking motivation this year. I realized I needed something to work towards. In the past I had participated in weight loss contests at work or been signed up for a long distance race. That is how I decided to make my lifestyle change this year as well.

I organized a weight loss contest at work. For a $10 buy in contestants have a chance to win  a cash prize depending on the number or participents. First prize is up to $175 already will a week left to register. That's what I call motivation !

I signed up for another marathon. I found an 18 week training program and a marathon about 18 weeks away.

Now I need to create a hybrid running/strength training workout that fits in my schedule. I also have promised myself I will  cut the refined sugar out of my diet. Those are the basis of this project.






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