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Eat and Repeat to Eat | again and again

Answers for 3 questions:

1) Personality Type - I am a quick habit builder if it doesn't hurt so much

2) Why did you sign up for this class - Because since I've been trying to acquire new habits, nothing been successful. I wasn't able to make me go to bed and wake up at a certain time, couldn't teach myself to have meals at a certain frequency and many more things that have to be automated to achieve the result.

3) Good habit in the past -

Good habits: finding the priority task for the day; having a healthy breakfast; filling out To-Do list

Bad habits: I do often spend more time looking for an instrument rather then using those I already have access to.

Habits that I want to build:

A sleeping routine - going to bed and waiking up at the same time.

Freeing my mind - meditating after I get up in the morning for at least 10 min each day

Task list for the week - priorities for the day is great, but week overview might be even more important

Writing an article for my blog each week - had that idea, didn't start writing a single letter since it got into my mind 


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