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Eat Pray Love

I haven't read a book in a long time, sadly, but this was the last I did read. Since, I'm such a traveler myself, I really enjoyed the book. 

I have chosen to stick with creating the "G" from the first letter or the last name of the author. I have 3 concepts I have explored while sketching, those are detailed below.

Concept 1:

The flourishes on the "G" mimic the lettering style of Indian typography and letterforms. The patterns shown within the framework of the "G" represent the three different countries the Liz Gilbert travels to: Italy, India and Indonesia (top to bottom respectively).

Concept 2:

Since the overall theme of the book is centered around finding balance in your life between pleasure and discipline/prayer I thought it would be appropriate to literally balance the "G" on a point. I added the details to the "G" to represent things from the different countries Liz travels too. I'm wondering if it would be best to keep the "G" simplified here and not the things get too busy.

Concept 3:

SInce the book is also focused on life improvement and the journey it takes to get there, I thought it might be appropriate to have the "G's" serif turn into an upward pointing arrow and the rest of the "G" represents the path it took to get there thus far. I divided the "G" into three segments to represent the three parts of the book.


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