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Jodi Beamish

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Easy to Read Emails - My Favourites

One of my most read Newsletters comes from Moo. They have very clean and easy to read messages. They also use bright, engaging images. They send mostly short form Read Me emails, so you get a teaser of what the article is about and then a link to go read the rest of it online. They also send very specific emails when they have new products. Those almost always have a great image, just a little bit of text and then a very clear Call to Action button to take you to their site. I find myself wanting to click every time.


Another newsletter that I read regularily is from Shopify. Again their emails have bright images, clean layout and truncated messages that link to the longer article online. I follow the links to read at least one article from most of their offerings.


The final one that I like is from UPPERCASE magazine. These are usually long form Read Me newsletters. I often keep them in my inbox for a week or more to explore them at my leisure, as they often have articles that I want to read and links to other websites that I want to follow. They aren't asking me for anything, but I get a lot out of them. Usually they get archived once I'm done so I can refer to them later if I want.

One thing I noticed when I was grabbing a screenshot is the long, clunky Reply-To address. I never noticed this before today, but I do think it's ugly - not the usual style of her overall message. I'm going to put a more user friendly one in my emails I think.


I hope you like my favourites. Thanks for having a look. : )



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