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Easy photo manipulation: Use free tool to customize your photos

I changed the title to be bit more eye catching: Spice Up Your Photos. This is my first class and really hope it will be acceptable to the students.

I learned the software by playing around with it and it took me quite a while to figure things out, as I tried to teach myself by discovery. There are tutorials but they do not tell you the finer detail, and sometimes it is the finer detail that really keep you busy and waste time and may even let you give up on using it.

That is why I wanted to share this class so i decided to show students. I do not mentions the software in the outline, otherwise student can fall in the same trap I did - try to discover how it works by myself.

1. Introduction on how to use the basic functions of the software (also where they can download it)

2. Then I took a simple photo and remove object from the background

3. Then I took more complex photo 

4. Lastly I show some other tips that one uses frequently.

Image I used for non-complex photo


I remade the videos so many times, I guess practice makes perfect, but I really enjoyed it. Once I realize students can really learn something that will help spicing up their photos.

So the class is live now, I feel quite good about it.


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