Easy Spray Painting: Creating Breathtaking Landscapes

Easy Spray Painting: Creating Breathtaking Landscapes - student project

Hello beautiful people! I am so excited to teach on Skillshare! 

Here is my class outline: CLASS OUTLINE

Here is my video intro version 1.0:  CLASS INTRODUCTION VIDEO


Class Description: 

In this class you will learn how to create amazing soft dreamy landscapes. 

This simple spray painting technique I am about to share with you, does not require any special painting skills, yet produces breathtaking results.

You will learn what materials you would need to create such a spray painting, how to compose it correctly and how to achieve a finished look.

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned professional or if you have never held a paintbrush in your life.  This class is for everyone. Anyone can do it! You are about to learn a powerful technique that will allow you to produce incredible landscapes for your walls, gifts for your friends and family or even for sale!

Class Project:

We've learned so much and now it is time to create. Let's roll up our sleeves!


Create your own dreamscape by following class steps. Use my demonstration guide for your breathtaking dreamscape. 

I've included a reference image of my dreamscape. Feel free to recreate it but please don't hesitate to let your creativity flow and create your own unique dreamscape.

Have fun dreamscaping!


Prepare your creative space and collect all class supplies and materials.

Take a look at the supply list in the class reference documents and gather your tools.

Choose your natural materials: collect branches, leaves, flowers, pine cones, grasses, pebbles, anything you might find visually interesting. You can also use silk flowers, shells, stones, fake birds, butterflies and vines purchased at a craft store or a dollar store.

Chose a canvas to fit your arrangement.

Arrange your composition. Try several different versions to find the one you like. You can use a camera and take pictures of different versions for later reference. Once you settle on one, reference your photo and start creating the underpainting.

Use acrylics to place your color spots. Use damp sponges to create color washes and textures and let it dry.

Put your composition back onto your canvas and spray paint it with white spray paint. Let it dry.

Once dry, remove your natural materials. Highlight, darken, add color and define as you please.

Your dreamscape is finished! 

Don't forget to sign and publish in the class project area of this class. 

I look forward to seeing your painting in progress and your finished piece!