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Ladislas Chachignot

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Easy Rider personal project for print / exhibition UPDATED 22/08


Hi everyone, my name is Ladislas, i'm a French designer and i just joined skillshare community and i was really interested in watching and learning from designers from all around the world.

 This lesson created by DKNG catched all my attention cause i love their designs. Also as i'm a musician too i really wanted to learn more about poster designs so i decided to be a part of this too a create my project ! 

                   My project is a tribute to the bike addicts all around the world ! 

Every people has it's own different ways of riding a bike and has it's own "bike culture" according to a country or an area. I wanted to create these illustrations as a tribute to them : those bikers who will ride until they die and even after-death !

            UPDATE 22/08    Full Serie of 8 illustrations "Easy Rider Project" & 1st exhibition

After working on this illustration i've been caugh in the game and i finally decided to do more illustrations using this concept , exploring countries and ways people ride their bike depending their needs or area. I found a place to expose these works i'll post photos to show the gallery soon : Brothers'Workshop concept store in Aix en Provence ( FRANCE )

Hope you will like  watching my project and if you wish to grab some of these illustrations feel free to visit my website ( limited fine art prints and other goodies available. ) --> http://www.ladislasdesign.com/boutique/

Overall view of the illustrations : 

Easy Rider USA - Nevada (  all the following visuals are Fine Art print limited/100pcs - Hahnemuhle Matt coton smooth - archival inks - signed and numbered )

Easy Rider Tuscany

Easy Rider Los Angeles

Easy Rider Austria

Easy Rider Paris 1920

Easy Rider Tenerife

Easy Rider USA - New York

Easy Rider China

Détails Easy Rider USA - Nevada


The name of the project is: "Easy rider project"


For this project i will use the "bike" and how people use it for several purposes. I was always impressed how people are able to ride again and again , sometimes for great distances , in every countries. I wanted to make a tribute and some illustration on that ! It seems that sometimes we couldn't stop them , they would bike all day long, all night long, even afterdeath ! And that's the point for my tribute: I imagined some  "after-death riders" ( the type of rider that will never stop riding you see ! Ride until the end and even after... ) , different "types" of riders, from different countries. I want to create a serie of illustrations in which every rider will be included in a landscape and also will ride some different types of bikes , according to his country or area. 

 I Already done some illustrations but i will post here the project and process for the latest illustration : "Easy Rider in China". Hope you will enjoy it as much as i'm enjoying to do it. Let's get started ! 

                                                      REFERENCES :

- My first step was to search for images that would be cool to include in the design, references for the bike, landscapes so i can imagine a background that will surround the character.

                                               CREATIVE REFERENCES :

- I wanted to design something in a stylized way kind of retro look advertising posters from the 50's, and mix this with images i saw that were so cool. All theses artwork would be created with illustrator with vector art cause i think it would be the best solution to give me that look i wanted. Also i didn't wanted to use so much perspective is my illustrations, i prefer working with flat and stylized shapes and limited colors to give images a special look.

  • DKNG: Cause their work is amazing, something special in it. All their artworks have some strong personality. www.dkngstudios.com/
  • MUTI : South African designer , very talented too ! So much good projects , works also mostly on illustrator. http://www.studiomuti.co.za/
  • STEVE SIMPSON : Incredible illustrator/ designer from Dublin. I love all his work. http://www.stevesimpson.com/
  • MARINA ZLOCHIN : Also like these illustrations based on travels, that's a point that i really wanted to developp in my work cause i love travelling. https://www.facebook.com/zlochinmarina

                                                      SKETCHES :

- I did a few sketches to put the concept of what i was thinking on paper. I didn't done some other versions of it cause it's a personnal project , i can choose what seems to be the best solution. Of course i'll be happy to have some feedback, tips, and advices on my work, to help me improve. 

- Here's my 1st sketches for this illustration. Small and dirty ( sorry ) but it's only to put on paper some few shapes and see the global organization of the artwork, then i'll be adjusting some stuff during the design part directly on illustrator cause it's very easy to make some changes , try stuff and remove it if it doesn't work.  I wanted to include mountains and a lake with traditional fisherman , every illustrations of this serie will be organized the same way.  the ground on the bottom , the "rider" and behind him a landscape of the country.

- 2nd part a few sketches of the bike that suits the country and landscape , it's my version for the "China poster". I love China and i though i would be a perfect idea to include it in the serie cause they have a very special bike to ride there, we call it pouss "pousse-pousse" in France. 

Another version of the landscape with a little bit more details on it ( a temple , a boat ...) . I also draw another "after-death rider" to show that his clothes will be scratched with time, but he seems very happy to ride, nothing would stop him.                                              

                                                          DESIGN PART PROCESS :

I've been working the past 2 days on the design of this illustration. I choose a limited color palette to give the image a mood, for this one it's could be evening mood, with the calm lake and fishermans, I would love to print this as a silk screen printing but i don't know yet how to prepare and separate layers for this type of visuals so i will watch the 2nd skillshare lesson on screenprinting, hope to be able to do it with this technic. I posted some steps of the design :

1- step : "the biker" design ! and the "pousse-pousse" bike ! 

i tried to use colors that could contrast with the background and i changed a few times colors on it to keep this contrast.

Here 's the background od the image, i will refine it progressively, i wanted to put mountains and  "terraced paddy fields" to give infos on things you can found in China. I didn't put the great wall of China" cause it would not have matched this landscape i think.

Here are a few samples of elements i've designed for this illustration. Bamboo trees, traditional ( and wonderful ) temples and chinese lanterns. And also the color palette i've used in the illustration. I've tried to give some color contrast in this objects , the most difficult part is that they have to stay contrasted with the background.

Also included this specific fisherman from the area who has a wonderful technic of fishing with the help of birds !

Here's an intermediate state for the artwork , most part of basic design is now in place , to check if the composition/colors are working this way

                                                DESIGN PART 2: REFINING

Here's the last part of the design i've been working the past week. I've tried to put some balance in colors and shapes, i would be happy to have your thoughts, tips and advices on it , so it can help me improve in the future. I also included some textures but not on the whole image ( been watching screenprint tuto by DKNG). I would have loved to prepare this directly for screen printing but this concept in new for me and not quite simple to do on my project i think... I'll give it a try anyway. 

I've been adding some chinese lanterns , trees, boats and reflections on water. Last part : i decided to create a small decorative frame and designed a logo for the "easy rider biclycle club" each illustration will have a customized short sentence to go with the state/country.

I had a lot of fun doing this one, the exihibition will present 8 landscapes like this one in different countries (got some work to do !)

               Hope you enjoyed my project and thanks a lot for watching !


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