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In love with calligraphy since I was 12



Easy Peasy Modern Calligraphy: Writing Lovely Letters in Faux-lligraphy

Hi everyone! I'm creating my first SkillShare class and am so eager to share my love of calligraphy and become part of this community. I want SkillShare students to know that anyone can create beautiful lettering if they want to, and my first class will be a foundation for future classes using different methods and mediums. So I came up with Easy Peasy Modern Calligraphy as the title, with this first lesson focusing on Creating Lovely Letters with Faux-lligraphy. I plan to take a better photo but this is my class project idea: a common phrase, Thank You, written in a fun modern calligraphy style and dressed up with loops and thick strokes to give a calligraphy look. Written with a regular felt-tip pen on plain white paper, so there's no need to invest in any supplies for this first class!


I will be working on my class outline next and would love to hear what y'all think!

Now I have created my class outline - would love to hear everyone's thoughts so I can make sure it's easy to follow! Getting excited to start filming soon :)

Update: I filmed my intro! I'm definitely going to change the music and the end slide, and add in some shots of the project itself for visual interest, but I'm excited to get feedback!

Update: At last my class is live! I hope you'll come learn how to write in faux-lligraphy with me!


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