Easy Healthy Nourishing Lotus Root Soup

Easy Healthy Nourishing Lotus Root Soup - student project

I'm sharing with you the most classic recipe of lotus root soup (pork bones, red dates, peanuts, lotus roots). The detailed ingredients and instructions are in my class videos. 

Class link - http://skl.sh/2cRW2aT

For varieties, some like to add more ingredients such as dried cuttlefish, goji berries, even seaweed and ginger. I'm using a regular stainless steel soup pot in my videos. Alternatively, you can use an earthen clay pot or pressure cooker for a lesser cooking time.

You can either use pork bones, pork ribs or chicken bones to brew it in. Pork bones or pork ribs will give you a broth that is darker in colour and a deep meaty, almost smoky, flavour to the soup, while the chicken bones will produce a broth that is clearer and more refreshing to taste.

For this class project, do try out my recipe and method at least for the first time. After that, you can try experiment with a different variant. For example, replace pork with all chicken bones; or add goji berries for the next time. Do share with us on your experience after cooking this soup.

Easy Healthy Nourishing Lotus Root Soup - image 1 - student project

Nutritious to body, delicious to taste. This soup has many health benefits to our body. It can help to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, improve digestion system, enhance appetite, and boost up our immune system. So let's cook up and drink up for good health!

Healthy cooking made easy! Cheers

Jasmine Beh
Healthy Cooking Made Easy