Easy DIY Christmas Cards

Lesson:  Choose Your Class Topic

I started the draft of my project under the Crafts/DIY category and the class project will be to create Handmade Christmas Cards.  I plan to incorporate a simple design that can be easily altered based on the student's preference as well as using instagram style photos.

Lesson:  Craft Your Class Project

For the class, I plan to follow the guidelines throughout my project to engage with my students:

  • Easy to Start - show a few options for materials to use (not strict with materials, but also not to overwhelm with too many options)
  • Instructions will be Easy to Understand - the outline (more to come) will help guide me through with "bite-size", easily digestible content that is easy to follow for any student
  • Show WIP - I'm not quite sure yet how I'll incorporate "encouraging students to show their work in process" step since the project doesn't seem to have specific sub-steps that would warrant a "progress report"
  • Final Project Outcome - this project is easily photographable and shareable to engage with students and see their final projects
Julie Hankins
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