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Eastern Companion-Chinese Consumer Consulting Firm

Our motto is: "Why go to China and learn this, when we can teach you."

Eastern Companion is a consulting firm that helps US businesses market and sell to Chinese consumers who are on vacation in America. 

What does Easter Companion do?

We consult, simply. Most importantly we make business owners, sales managers and entrepreneurs aware of the vast cultural differences, buying behaviors and effective marketing strategies of Chinese culture. 

Where did this idea come from? 

My wife (May) and I (Thomas) went to the United States to visit my family for the holidays. When we first announced to our friends and family in China that we would be going away we had a flood of requests to purchase things. When we arrived we bumped into other Chinese people who were in the same situation. Some of these folks weren't even visitng famous sites, they were just shopping. 

One of the things we realized was that American floor sales don't communicate in Chinese fashion (most of course don't speak a word of Mandarin Chinese) and didn't maximize their leverage to increase their sales power. 

After that, we decided we can educate and consulte businesses with our knowledge and experience. 

How we do it?

Our blog, webinars and face-to-face consulting. 

Why is this important?

Because you want to be a profitable company and you want to close more sales. If your business crosses paths with Chinese tastes, you will want to sell more product and hope their friends who will come next year will come to you. 


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