Easter with Little Flo

Easter with Little Flo - student project

Easter with Little Flo - image 1 - student project

Thank you, Lisa, for this class.  It's exactly what I've been looking for and gave me the "missing link" in my creative process.  I've struggled with maintaining my "line quality" with my work when digitising it.  While I love Photoshop and have used it for over 12 years, I much prefer Illustrator for my illustration and pattern work.

For my project, I decided to re-work an older piece as I have honestly lost my confidence in doing illustration work.  I love the end result.  And it's restored my confidence in doing illustrations as well as doing better quality motifs and characters for my pattern design work.

Little Flo is a character I came up with after I lost my Mum a few years ago.  My Mum was a wonderful creative, published poetess and did lovely illustrations/doodles.  She came from a difficult background and never had the kind of childhood every child deserves.  My little character is in honour and memory of my Mum.  I've turned her in a mermaid and have many other wonderful childhood adventures for her.

I loved re-working this and getting the line quality finish of the original sketches.  Excited to do more!