Easter Basket

Easter Basket - student project

The most challenging part of my illustration was the weave on the basket. I like the handle but not the basket. To create the weave for the handle, I took 1/4 of a circle and added anchor points. I moved the anchor points back and forth to make a wavy line, the expanded, duplicated, and reflected the lines so they overlapped one another. Then I used the divide pathfinder tool to break apart the line so I could alternate the color of the overlapped pieces in the center for a woven look and then reflected that to make the other half of the handle. Then I used the merge tool to join the sections that were the same color. For the basket, I used the bottom half of the circle I created for the handle and used the fish warp tool to give it the basket shape. I also used the live corners to round the fish shape after expanding it. Then I used straight lines like for the handle, but used the zigzag tool this time to make my wavy line. I don't like it as much, I think it's too uniform. After creating the rows of weave, I placed my basket shape over the top and used the crop tool so the lines would be in that shape. I tried using the roughen tool to make it less uniform but it didn't really work. For the grass, I used lines and changed the brush definition to fat bottom pointed top, then duplicated, moved the anchor points a bit, and then united. The eggs were made using the warp bulge style tool. The clouds were ovals that were united. For the bow, I used the twist style warp tool for the loops and the inside of the loops. For the tails. I made a straight line with a thick stroke, used the twist style warp and then the width tool to make the tops skinnier. Then I outlined the stroke and added an anchor point in the center of the bottom to make the v notch by moving that anchor point up. Then I reflected it for the other side. I also used the zigzag tool on a rectangle to give my horizon a slight rolling appearance and then created a rectangle the size of the artboard and used the crop tool to remove the excess of my land. The sun was made using the star tool with 17 points. I was aware of many of these features, but often forget they are there, so this was a great exercise to remind me how useful they can be!Easter Basket - image 1 - student project