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East is East and West is...

When looking for inspiration for this project, I fell in love with this poster I saw on pinterest: 

I decided to use the same general theme and some elements from the poster, and made my own:  

Instead of using the Paris theme, I did San Francisco. I changed the colors and the house styles to reflect the famous Victorian architecture and used a Cypress tree brush I found in my brush presets. I also found a cute quote and used a font called Bittersweet that I think is pretty close to the one in the original picture. The hardest part was definitely making the houses and the bridge fit well into the canvas (the original picture has an easier composition with 3 vertical elements-- the 2 houses and the Eiffel Tower-- whereas mine has 2 vertical and 1 horizontal-- the 2 houses and the Golden Gate Bridge). Since the bridge is in the background and the houses in the foreground, I made a gradient going from dark blue to grey to mimic the ocean and the pavement and add depth. I also used the "render clouds" filter to create fog.

This was such a fun project and I'm really happy about the result!! I love this class and I'm sad it's going to be over soon :(


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