East Tennessee


This is a photo I took pretty recently of someone I met because he was willing to get up early in really cold weather to take some photos.  His name is Josh and he is a super great guy.  We walked to this overlook and I captured this image of him.  It's edited in VSCO using the F2 filter.  

I really liked the backlight here.  We visited an old house in town that her father is thinking of buying to remodel.  He wanted us to check it out.  So, while there, I convinced her to let me take a couple photos.  The blue wall with a dirty white border and the light coming through the window where tough to pass by without taking this shot.  This is partially candid.  She crouched right in this spot.  When I saw what was happening I asked her to hold for a few moments and I captured this.  I took a few different exposure shots.  The others blew the light out too much so I tried this silhouetted version of the shot.  I used afterlight to edit this shot.  I use VSCO quite a bit, but lately I have enjoyed the adjustments in afterlight.  I can't remember the exact process.


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