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Teresa Trimm

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Easily Add Green Smoothies to Your Life

Your life may not be as good as you think it is. What do I mean? How do you feel? I mean, really? Do you find that you have 'issues' with your digestive system? You know, after you eat, does your stomach gurgle a bit...do you begin to swell like you are about to give birth? What we have come to expect as normal is because our diets these days, have less and less actual food in them. It's those 'foodstuffs' that are making you feel like that. And it is extremely fixable.

Or maybe you just can't get the weight off and you are just so tired. Either way, you probably aren't eating correctly. In this day and age, with the world moving so quickly, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the time and the ingredients.

A green smoothie lifestyle is the easiest way to start feeling, and looking, like yourself again.

Project requirements:

  • Class title and description: Quickly Add Green Smoothies to Your Life
  • Project title and description: Design Your Own Green Smoothie: When you are making smoothies to eat every day, you will probably want a basic standby recipe. This simplifies the basic making of your smoothie. Then, depending on your needs or supplies, you can alter your recipe each time...or not.
  • A link to your video lesson outline:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/16ilCkTh7Xoy1Ien9WrmaK8JWg_Lsh4w2s6PuNse-lDg/edit?usp=sharing
  • Intro video: NA
  • A link to your final published class: NA


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