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Earth laughs in flowers.

"Earth laughs in flowers."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


I am still watching all the videos and tutorials mentioned, I also just got Louise Fili (Scripts) and I am super excited to start making my desperate scribbles :)

By the way, got my parallel pen... It is so much harder to do it yourslef! It looks so smooth on the YouTube videos (of course). Ill keep plugging away :)

I know, my scanner is not very good, it is strying to be too smart and convert solid colors into vector shapes. Any advice on your scanner setting will be appreciated.

The Phrase

I always get inspired by nature and organic things: textures, colors, shapes etc. I think this phrase is short enough for me to attempt to do custom lettering and also very beautiful in its own meaning.

I imagine Earth is a breathing and living organism that has its own little "special" things it does, it rains because it wants its trees and grass to grow, it laughs in flowers, it breathes with wind, it moves at day and rests at night. It puts the raindbows when it's happy and it has thunders when it's mad.

I am doing web design for living, almost every single day I use  Photoshop and code, I need to get out of this monotony and this is a fun way for me to expand my skills and portfolio to make something fun and... well, something new.


Just throwing words:

Organic, curves, flourish, green, fun, elegant, natural, assymetrical, texture, Earth, flowers, smile, laugh, interesting, leaves, connected, link, script, random, bright, sun, yellow, orange, unique, simple, clean, rough.


I always wanted to learn lettering, in my Pinterest I have over 2000 posts of type treatment that inspires me, this is just a glimpse. Next one will actually be mine, I hope :)


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