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Earth and sky

Thank you for the wonderful class. I learnt a lot. So starting this project...

I started with the creative brief read. Noted down the important points I need. 

I wanted the colors to be about enjoying: So I thought of what I want to enjoy about a bike read. I will enjoy the sky and the earth. There is no technlogy. So I decided to give with colors like green, blue and brown. 

When I researched the competitors, I realized that most sites use yellow and blue mostly. I think that brings in the brightness but also fills with a little bit of cheapness. It doesn't shout modern or stylish

So, i used for both palette and photo options. 


I used complementary colors. 

For the first palette


I used a dirty brown type color and a blue. When I was trying to customize the logo I saw that the logos are individual components in the cycle area. So I tried implementing all the three colors into the logo, changing the cycle seats and bars. It came out quite well and i enjoyed it. 


I wanted to combine day and night and earth this time. SO I chose the green, blue and black shades fro m the picture of NYC.  I went for a darker shade in all the three. so they are more subtle than bright, easing into calmness and earthy feel. 

Out of the two I liked the first palette cos I love the contrast and the combinaion of the three colors in the logo. 



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