Earrings - student project

I had so much fun doing these! I have always loved making earrings but never tried clay before. I had so many ideas and to be honest I kind of rushed a bit so some of them turned out to be a bit crooked. Maybe I just do two or three next time and a bit more careful then. But I am still very happy with the result and only have to decide now which I am going to keep and which will end up under the Christmas tree. Thank you so much for this great class!

Earrings - image 1 - student project

Befor Baking:

Earrings - image 2 - student project And after:

Earrings - image 3 - student project
Earrings - image 4 - student project
Earrings - image 5 - student projectStill a few left to attach and combining them with pearls....
Earrings - image 6 - student project